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Lindsay had been home for a few days now. It all started with a phone call from her mother just checking up on her daughter. Lindsay noticed something in her mother's voice, something somewhat stressful. When she told her there was nothing to worry about, Lindsay didn't quite believe her. She figured something bad was happening with the store. So she went home for a few days, hoping she could help out in some way.

Fortunately, she found out things weren't quite as catastrophic as she thought. The store was struggling a bit, but it wasn't enough to close. Still, Lindsay felt the need to stay for the rest of the summer to help out at the store.

The need to stay for the summer eventually led to the need to stay and finish school in Michigan. She missed it there, oddly. She missed her friends. She missed hanging out with them. She'd never forget Fandom, though. How could she? She'd miss the technology, but she knew to expect it in a few years. She'd also miss Rinoa. She made sure to say a proper handwavey goodbye to her roommate.

She knew she'd eventually get out of this small town. Today was not that day, and it was by choice this time.

[As the post says, Lindsay won't be returning to Fandom. This is her final post. :(]
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Lindsay was doing some last minute packing. She was going home tomorrow for break, though she kind of wished she could stay here and hide. There was the slight risk that she could run into Barry Schweiber, and she really did not want to deal with that mess. Staying here would ensure it would be avoided.

Of course, her mother would be upset if she didn't go home for the holidays. The guilt trip would have been epic. She disappointed her parents so much already. She didn't want to end the year that way, too.

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Lindsay was very happy she was still a girl. That transformation, she was sure, would have majorly freaked her out. She was relieved not to have transformed into an animal also. At least Peter the pug seemed to be handling that okay. He couldn't actually tell her that since everything he said was in dog language.

"I think I'm going to order Chinese food. I'll share the chicken." Peter wagged his pug tail, a sign he liked this plan. He was so adorable this way. Awww.

"And then I should get you back to your room," Lindsay added, reaching for her phone so she could place the order.

[for the pug mentioned! Also the roomie if she'd like. SP very much expected.]
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Lindsay couldn't deny that she had been envious these past few days. Watching people with their loved ones who had previously been deceased was a little hard. It made her wonder why her grandmother hadn't visited her.

"I really miss you," she said to a photograph of her grandmother holding her when she was a baby. "Why aren't you here?"

Maybe she really was disappointed for not living up to certain expectations. Lindsay tried to push that thought out of her mind. To cheer herself up, she started listening to her favorite Grateful Dead album on her new mp3 player. Usually she ended up dancing around, one of the few moments she allowed herself to be happy.

She didn't feel like dancing right now, though.

[can be open if you don't mind an emo girl]
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Lindsay was a little bit on edge. Sometimes she felt that way for no other reason than being on a weird island in the future with aliens and magic users. That was enough of a reason, really.

cut for potentially illegal things... )

[establishly mostly, but omg I felt like I had to. can be open to roomie.]
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Lindsay was still a little overwhelmed with everything she had been told about this place. She still wasn't quite sure what to believe. A phone call home seemed like the best option at the moment. Besides, she figured she should talk to her mother today of all days.

"Hi Mom," she said into the phone when her mother answered.

Apparently you sent me to 2010. To a place where magic and aliens exist. Where the weather consists of food for rain. Did I mention the gremlins?

That's what Lindsay wanted to say to her mother. Of course, she didn't want her parents sending her to an asylum next.

"Happy Mother's Day," she said instead. "Still mad?"

Her mother's voice was more comforting than it had been lately, so that was a good sign. After talking about the people she met and her roommate and her roommate's adorable dog, Lindsay hung up the phone, feeling somewhat less overwhelmed.

At least her first class starts tomorrow. A science class. Science was logical. Right?

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