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Lindsay had gone home for a few days. She was on break from workshops, so she knew it was a good time for a trip home. She missed her friends and, though she would not admit it, her family.

Things had been mostly normal during the near week she had been home. She spent time with her friends like usual. Dinners with the family were mostly the same. She, her parents, and Sam at the dinner table was not out of the ordinary. It was the same chicken or meat loaf, something her mother still had not changed up all that much. It felt like home...except for one thing. Her dad was quieter than usual. He didn't complain as much. He almost seemed to be a little depressed. Lindsay didn't dare ask about it, but she knew something was up.

Wherein Lindsay overhears some bad news... )

[Based on something alluded to in one of the later episodes; Also, NFB and NFI due to being off island.]
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Lindsay had been home a day already, and it almost seemed as though she had never left. She was surprised at how happy her parents were to see her. She didn't think think they'd ever forgive her for skipping the academic summit at University of Michigan to follow the Dead. Perhaps being separated from her for the summer made them realize how much they missed her. Distance and all.

Seeing her brother and his friends sitting around the dining room table eating junk food and playing Dungeons and Dragons when she stepped into the house last night was all very familiar. A typical Friday evening in the Weir house. Bill's dorky wave and Neal's fascination with anything she said was normal, too.

She wondered why it was she still felt so completely out of place? Not just because she didn't play D&D. After spending so much time in Fandom, everything here seemed so...abnormal. Normalcy, it seemed, became the bizarre.

Wherein Lindsay meets up with her friends and makes a big decision. )

[NFB due to distance.]
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Lindsay Weir looked around her bedroom. She considered taking her Journey poster down and replacing it with a Grateful Dead poster. Or maybe they could both take up wall space. Maybe she'd re-arrange her room completely. She'd have plenty of time since she was grounded forever. Or at least the entire summer. To a teenager, that was a lifetime.

All she wanted to do was get away from this town. )

[establishy! also, totally based on canon with a few tweaks]


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