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I have no newbies, but have another info post anyway.

Lindsay Weir: The Freak

  • From the dramedy Freaks and Geeks
  • Is 16 years-old, though it's 1981 back where she's from
  • Grew up in Michigan just outside of Detroit
  • Has a little brother named Sam
  • Attended McKinley High School (not to be confused with that one in Ohio)
  • Often wears a Korean War era army jacket
  • Is very smart and was once her school's best mathlete; she quit on her own pre-canon in an attempt to try to find herself (hence the screen name)
  • Became friends with the outcasts of the school as a result of the above
  • Often questions religion (which she might be even more confused about now), social structure, and her own life direction
  • Mostly a good person, though sometimes sarcastic
  • A fan of classic rock, though it's not classic to her
  • Works at Nast Sporting Goods

Ellie Bartowski: Awesome Big Sister

  • From the sci-fi/action/dramedy Chuck
  • Is pre-canon, 17 years old, and from the year 1997
  • Is the older sister of Chuck ([ profile] knowsnokungfu) and they are from the same universe
  • Wants to be a doctor someday
  • Likes to cook; makes excellent guacamole, cheese dip, and pot roast
  • Is a normal girl with no super powers or any weapons training
  • Has major parental issues.
  • Works at the Arms Hotel and has a shift at the clinic
  • More here

Piper Halliwell: Cooking Witch

  • From the fantasy show Charmed
  • Graduated in 2006
  • Is a witch who can cast spells and make potions
  • Has the power of molecular manipulation, meaning she can slow molecules to freeze motion or she can speed them up to blow shit up; fun times
  • Loves to cook and is really good at it
  • Is 22, a college grad, and about to start restaurant school
  • Has been dating Lindsey McDonald for a really long time now
  • BFF is Veronica Mars
  • Lives at the Hyperion Hotel with a bunch of former Fandom High students
  • Is very protective of her family, including her sisters (Phoebe, Prue, and Paige) her sons from an alternate universe (Wyatt and Chris)

Summer Roberts: Snarky Socialite

  • From the teen drama The OC
  • Graduated in 2009; is currently 20
  • Grew up in Newport Beach, Orange County, California
  • Was raised by her plastic surgeon father; her mother left when she was 13
  • Is currently dating Chris Halliwell and lives with him in a future San Francisco
  • Is attending Berkeley
  • Has no super powers, but she is tough and can take care of herself
  • Is not good at cooking and makes really bad coffee
  • Is fiercely loyal to those close to her
  • BFF is Savannah Levine
  • Has rage issues; keep her away from forks

The Mun: Just an Average Fangirl

  • Lives in the Philly area
  • Ginormous Phillies fan
  • Has an unhealthy addiction to Diet Coke
  • Sometimes a slacker, but is very friendly and doesn't mind interacting with anyone
  • Is currently back in school which woefully takes up some RP time
  • Can be reached on AIM and twitter as Landslide418 and is often online from noon to midnightish
  • More here
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