Aug. 12th, 2011

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Lindsay had been home for a few days now. It all started with a phone call from her mother just checking up on her daughter. Lindsay noticed something in her mother's voice, something somewhat stressful. When she told her there was nothing to worry about, Lindsay didn't quite believe her. She figured something bad was happening with the store. So she went home for a few days, hoping she could help out in some way.

Fortunately, she found out things weren't quite as catastrophic as she thought. The store was struggling a bit, but it wasn't enough to close. Still, Lindsay felt the need to stay for the rest of the summer to help out at the store.

The need to stay for the summer eventually led to the need to stay and finish school in Michigan. She missed it there, oddly. She missed her friends. She missed hanging out with them. She'd never forget Fandom, though. How could she? She'd miss the technology, but she knew to expect it in a few years. She'd also miss Rinoa. She made sure to say a proper handwavey goodbye to her roommate.

She knew she'd eventually get out of this small town. Today was not that day, and it was by choice this time.

[As the post says, Lindsay won't be returning to Fandom. This is her final post. :(]


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