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Lindsay didn't feel like being cooped up in her alcove, so she thought sitting outside on the front steps would be a better way to spend the evening. It was moments like this that she missed her "freak" friends back home. This would be a moment when they'd all just loiter and hang out, not doing anything in particular.

"Hey, Linds."

She looked up, half expecting Daniel to be there talking to her. But the guy standing there was not anyone she recognized. She squinted to get a better look, but... "Do I know you?"

He just smiled. "We're usually pretty close, but you left me in your room this time."

Since Lindsay had never experienced objects coming to life, yet, she was understandably alarmed. "What the hell, you've been in my room?!"

"Sure I have. And I've been in your room in Michigan, sometimes in your locker at McKinley, sometimes on the floor, and let's not forget that hippie van following the Dead around," he told her. "That was a disaster. You know it's bad when I'd rather be back in the war. And now, I was just spending time in the woods practicing the whole camouflage thing."

Lindsay's eyes grew wide as she finally put it all together. "You're my army jacket?!"

Yes, more incredulous yelling.

"Got it in one, but you always were good at math."

It was almost as if he could have fit right in with her group of Chippewa friends. He was even dressed as one would perceive a burnout to dress like.

"This town is so weird." That was her default answer for anything unexplainable lately.

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